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Trading Robots with an Open Source Code


Under the Championship Rules, each participant can send an Expert Advisor as an MQL5 source code or an executable EX5 file. The vast majority of participants, of course, do not wish to disclose their trading idea implemented in the trading robot. Nevertheless, each year some of the Championship participants post the source code of their Expert Advisors, and anyone can download the code of such a robot and see what's in it. We decided to publish some details of these Expert Advisors.

Twelve participants have checked off an option in their Profiles to allow anyone to download their trading robot as EX5 or MQ5. We've prepared a special chart similar to that on the Championship's home page, showing changes in the Equity of each Expert Advisor. So you can see what happened with the account, on which each of the Expert Advisors traded.

One of the twelve Expert Advisors has not yet made a single trade - this is the trading robot of ShurikAn. Its description says that trading is based on the ZeroLag_MACD indicator. Apparently, the code has some error that does not let it trade. The most interesting thing is that it was planned as a multicurrency EA trading 8 currency pairs. Unfortunately the Expert Advisor is available as an EX5, and we can't know what the bug is.

Another participant SHOOTER777 has presented his complex Expert Advisor in an EX5 file. It is described as an EA analyzing the signals of three indicators on five timeframes: D1, H4, H1, M5 and M1. All the more strange that this robot was "silent" the whole first month of the competition, and only in late October it entered the battle for the prize, but immediately lost almost the entire deposit. It is very likely that it's another example of a fatal error in the EA code, but we can't know the exact reason, since we do not have its source code.

Of all the twelve participants in this review, two are of the greatest interest: enivid and GeorgMLNK. Chart of these participants' robots made the strongest rise in the early contests, but subsequently failed to keep their success. Now anyone can run these robots on history 01.01.2011-01.08.2011 to see the results they showed in the preliminary automated tests.

We have presented the data of participants in a special table, the values ​​of parameters correspond to that of 2011/11/21 6:00 am GMT.

# Login Name Type
Country Deals Trades PF Balance Equity Place
800312 SHOOTER777 EX5 Russia     8    4   0.01 1 144.74 1 144.74 339
800339 TorBar EX5
Russia    79   77   0.91 9 266.34  9 797.38 135
800313 ShurikAn EX5 Russia    0    0 N/A 10 000 10 000 123
800162 isemaster EX5
Russia   917   474   0.67 3 993.10 3 990/35 257
800399 Zyama MQ5 Russia    28   14   0.80 8 854.00 8 854.00 163
6 800134 GeorgMLNK MQ5
   16    8  1.1 11 735.39 
12 546.05
800031 andrehowe MQ5
United Kingdom   144   62  0.65 4 034.37 4 034.37 256
800272 pulfik MQ5
United Kingdom   161   61 0.37 1 482.25 1 562.35 317
800119 firestrand MQ5
USA   45   23   0.69 5 805.51 5 805.51 216
800106 enivid MQ5
Ukraine   152   75  1.13 19 616.43 19 616.43 33
800341 Toyota EX5
Poland   124   62 0.5 4 924.37 4 924.37 230
Nigeria    2    1
  N/A 11 424.80 11 424.80 

As you can see, five of the twelve participants have submitted their Expert Advisors in the form of an executable EX5 file, the remaining seven have posted their trading algorithms' source codes in the MQL5 language for programming trading strategies. Why only 12 of the 395 participants allowed for the competition decided to take this step? It's only 3% of the total number of participants!

Presumably, most of the participants are unwilling to disclose their EAs not because of some sophisticated and advanced trading system implemented in them, but right for the opposite reason. Most of them exploit the old classic well known methods for building trading systems. Thus, Igor Korepin (Xupypr) has posted the code of his trading robot in the Code Base just after he got featured on the very top. As Igor said in his interview:

It would be shameful for me to sell this Expert Advisor in its current form. It was lucky enough to appear on the very top, and in anticipation of a further stream of questions or even accusations (there were some), I decided to open its source code. It is not really valuable and certainly it is not designed for use on real accounts! I can say that this EA is my first attempt.

Another interesting observation - 6 participants, i.e. half are from Russia, which is the most widely represented nation in the Championship. But only two of them opened the source code of their programs. One of them, Zyama, is using an improved version of his ATC 2010 Expert Advisor. Zyama did not publish the source code of the 2010 robot, but its current version is publicly available. The second participant is GeorgMLNK, who has created his trading robot using the MQL5 Wizard. Maybe that's why he decided to publish its source code.

A participant from Ukraine Andrei Moraru (enivid) in his interview explained why he decided to publish the code of his EA:

The strategy is quite good and worth sharing, I think. I usually share my MQL4/5 works that I consider worthy. It helps to improve them considerably. And I think that I must give something back, in case I use somebody else's work.

He might be right! A participant from the UK andrehowe created his Expert Advisor on the basis of the EA by Andrey Voitenko, which was also available to all interested in its source form. He tried to create a multicurrency version of the Andrey's robot. Modification was successful, but trading results are not impressive.

By sharing something with others, a trader can get something more valuable as a result. This trader can learn the opinions of others and explore the experiences of others, which can save considerable time and help find his own trading system. Well, everyone can find something for themselves in the market.

We have provided here a brief review, and you can make your own conclusions from it.

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ATC Champions League: Interview with Boris Odintsov (bobsley)ATC Champions League: Interview with Boris Odintsov (bobsley)

Interview with Boris Odintsov (bobsley) is the last one within the ATC Champions League project. Boris won the Automated Trading Championship 2010 - the first Championship held for the Expert Advisors in the new MQL5 language. Having appeared in the top ten already in the first week of the ATC 2010, his EA brought it to the finish and earned $77,000. This year, Boris participates in the competition with the same Expert Advisor with modified settings. Perhaps the robot would still be able to repeat its success.

Eighth Week Report

Eighth Week Report

At the eighth week the gap between the first and the tenth places in TOP-10 increased and exceeded $ 90 000. We can say that the main objective of the past five trading days was not to make money but to preserve already gained profit. This mission has turned out to be impossible for multi-currency Expert Advisors. The common Equity value of ias and yyy999 is less than the Equity of the current leader lf8749, and the participant notused has completely left the TOP-10. At the same time, Xupypr has taken a second place.

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