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News Automated Trading Championship 2010

Automated Trading Championship 2011: A New Battle!

We are pleased to announce that the annual Automated Trading Championship will necessarily be conducted in 2011. Hundreds of trading robots, new automated trading systems and original solutions - we will definitely see it all during the Automated Trading Championship 2011!

11 March 2011
The Winners of the Automated Trading Championship 2010

The tense battle between the Participants of the Automated Trading Championship 2010 is behind us, the fighting subsided and it's time to bring the final outcome of the competition. The authors of the most successful Expert Advisors of the Championships have already received the prizes from sponsors and are sharing their impressions of the competition.

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24 January 2011
The Automated Trading Championship 2010 Is Over

The Automated Trading Championship 2010 is over. For 12 weeks the Participants' Expert Advisors have been competing for the prize money. Now it's time to know the winners of the ATC 2010.

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25 December 2010
Statistical Report # 3

Very little time is left before the end of the Automated Trading Championship 2010. Definitely, it is different from all the previous automated trading competitions. In the third statistical report, we analyze the performance of the top ten Expert Advisors as of December 21st, 2010. These are the Expert Advisors that have gone through the race with the least losses.

23 December 2010
The 11th Week of the Championship: Another Round of Struggle between the Leaders

Only a week is left till the end of the Championship, i.e. five trading days. The most successful Participants got the real chance to appear on top places, while some other participants almost completely lost the chances to complete the race with positive results. In five days we will finally know the winner of the Championship.

20 December 2010
Andrey Voitenko (avoitenko): Programming errors cost me $15,000

Andrey Voitenko is participating in the Automated Trading Championship for the first time, but his Expert Advisor is showing mature trading. For already several weeks Andrey's Expert Advisors has been listed in the top ten and seems to be continuing his positive performance. In this interview Andrey is telling about his EA's features, errors and the price they cost him.

15 December 2010
The 10th Week of the Championship: A Give-Away Game

Only two weeks, i.e. ten trading says are left till the end of the Championship. Very soon we will know the names of the winners of the ATC 2010. During the tenth trading week the top 10 got shuffled and virtually no one was able to hold positions taken a week ago.

13 December 2010
Statistical Report of the Second Month

Two months have passed since the start of the Automated Trading Championship 2010. During this time, there were many events, which have affected the Championship Standings table. A month ago we have published the first statistical report, now it's time for the second one.

11 December 2010
The 9th Week of the Championship: A Self-Struggle

There is little time before the end of the Automated Trading Championship 2010. And more and more violent events are taking place in the competition table. The ninth week was extremely tense: some EAs suddenly lost their positions, while others returned to the top ten from the outside area.

6 December 2010
MIG BANK's Special Prize

As announced earlier, in addition to the three cash prizes for the winners of the Automated Trading Championship, MIG BANK offers an additional prize. The best EA developer will get a 3 day trip to one of the Formula One races of the 2011 season!

2 December 2010
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