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Registration for the Automated Trading Championship 2010 will continue till the 25th of September


As expected, the peak of applications occurred at the end of Automated Trading Championship 2010 Registration period. Unfortunately at the same time we had problems with automatic testing of Expert Advisors. That is why all Expert Advisors need to be repeatedly tested in automatic mode.

This is the reason why we decided to extend the Registration period till September 25, 2010. We hope that now anyone who wants to participate in the competition will have time to complete their Expert Advisors. So you still have four days to prepare your robot for the Championship. This is a sufficient period of time to complete all automatic checks. When the registration time is over, we will re-check all the submitted Expert Advisors manually.

Please remember: September 25, 2010 at 23:59 Moscow time the Registration will close. After that time we will not accept Expert Advisors. The system of automatic testing will also be stopped.

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Registration Has Closed!

Registration Has Closed!

Automated Trading Championship 2010 Registration has closed! We've been accepting applications for participation in the competition for about four months. During this time 1,726 people have registered on this site.

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That's really great! More testing and optimization :).
2010.09.21 18:07 enivid245

ATC.Tester exist bug for multicurrency testing, it has not the same result  as my computer's!!!

2010.09.25 12:35 king-trader226
What about the EA's which work on local computers but fail on ATC.Tester? I thought they would be tested manually

ATC.Tester exist bug for multicurrency testing, it has not the same result  as my computer's!!!

2010.09.27 21:49 Sfxtrader