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The 9th Week of the Championship: A Self-Struggle


There is little time before the end of the Automated Trading Championship 2010. And more and more violent events are taking place in the competition table. The ninth week was extremely tense: some EAs suddenly lost their positions, while others returned to the top ten from the outside area. However, the main intrigue of the Championship is still a fairly simple question: whose Expert Advisor can challenge the ruthless robot of Boris Odintsov which is on the first place? 

It could be assumed that its main competitor would try to catch up with it last week. However, Buter couldn't come close to this goal during the reporting period. Quite the contrary: there was a losing trade, after which the "number second" lost $4,255. Other participants also didn't show their aggressiveness - no one tried to conquer the very top.

It would seem that the intrigue has been exhausted. But the main enemy of himself was bobsley. Unwittingly, the leader was doing everything possible to save the intrigue. His trading during the ninth week was an unexpected gift to his competitors. From 29 November to 2 December, his Expert Advisor made ten losing trades in a row! Given that as a result of any such trade the robot loses $5,250, it is easy to calculate the total amount of damages - $52,500. For any other Expert Advisor that would mean loss of hope, but with all the previously earned money bobsley still retained the top spot. Although at some point, the difference between first and second place was about $4,000. Another thing is that Buter's couldn't take this chance.

# Login Name Country Deals PF Balance Profit Equity
1 630049 bobsley Russian Federation  430 1.30 109 265.79 5 319.00 114 584.79
2 630054 Buter Russian Federation  67 3.63 84 903.54 0.00 84 903.54
3 630097 forez France  239 1.47 53 959.99 -112.00 53 847.99
4 630144 Kurl Japan  293 1.65 29 652.05 22 003.99 51 656.04
5 630036 avoitenko Ukraine  246 1.89 49 144.50 0.00 49 144.50
6 630272 ttauzo Poland  260 1.50 47 918.75 0.00 47 918.75
7 630241 ShurikAn Russian Federation
241 1.21 36 235.35 8 218.00 44 453.35
8 630282 Vigor Russian Federation  258 1.85 41 237.33 0.00 41 237.33
9 630046 bighope Japan  46 13.33 40 529.11 0.00 40 529.11
10 630304 Yedelkin Russian Federation  927 1.19 33 871.13 6 302.00 40 173.13

Another EA that was in the center of attention of the Championship audience was that of Dimitar Manov. This Expert Advisor that seemed a bulwark of stability in the Championship, was so close to failure on the ninth trading week. At the peak moment its value of Profit was amounting to -$12,000, while the EA was outside the top twenty. Its greatest loss was that on GBP/USD, which was pulling the entire multi-currency system to the bottom. That seemed to be the poor effect of averaging. This dramatic conflict, however, was resolved quite satisfactorily for this Bulgarian EA developer: his Expert Advisor won back nearly all the loss and finished at the eleventh place by the end of the 9th week.

On the third place was still the French Expert Advisor forez that earned more than $3,000 for the week. Almost the same amount was earned by ttauzo, but this wouldn't help him remain on the fourth position. The sharp rise of Kurl made the EA of Tomasz Tauzovski move down to the sixth line. This Japanese Expert Advisor based on Heiken Ashi, earned $14,000 during the ninth week. And he was having even more on his open position - $22,000. This was "breakthrough of the week" and the fourth place. Another Japanese Expert Advisor in the top 10 was less successful: bighope earned as little as $1,500 and lost two positions appearing finally on the ninth place.

In addition to Kurl, two Russian EAs got featured on the leader board: Vigor and Yedelkin. These two EAs earned totally about $30,000 for this week and took the eighth and tenth places. So again half of the top ten participants are from Russia. Also note that the threshold of entering the top-10 significantly increased the past week. A week before it had been $29,815, on the ninth week it reached $40,173. However, more than half of the top 10 Participants are in the range between $40,000 and $50,000. Let's see if they can overcome this barrier during the new trading week.

During the reporting week, another statistical index increased - the total equity of the top ten Participants. During the ninth week it increased by 9%. It is a good result as compared to the value of the eighth week. A week before it had fallen by 13% because of the disqualification of Anufrenko321. At that time the equity of the Belarusian EA was equal to $126,435.

The past week had many surprises and once again revived the intrigue in the Championship. Well, Boris' robot was able to stay on the leading position, but for how long?

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MIG BANK's Special PrizeMIG BANK's Special Prize

As announced earlier, in addition to the three cash prizes for the winners of the Automated Trading Championship, MIG BANK offers an additional prize. The best EA developer will get a 3 day trip to one of the Formula One races of the 2011 season!

Statistical Report of the Second Month

Statistical Report of the Second Month

Two months have passed since the start of the Automated Trading Championship 2010. During this time, there were many events, which have affected the Championship Standings table. A month ago we have published the first statistical report, now it's time for the second one.

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Question concerning "MIG BANK's Special Prize"

By saying " The Expert Advisor with the smallest Relative Drawdown(...)" you mean realtive drawdown as ratio in percent (%) or amount in USD?

2010.12.07 10:14 ttauzo8

Question concerning "MIG BANK's Special Prize"

By saying " The Expert Advisor with the smallest Relative Drawdown(...)" you mean realtive drawdown as ratio in percent (%) or amount in USD?

We mean Relative Drawdown as percentage.
2010.12.07 11:31 bulat-latypov

Looks like market is changing, top end is failing :D
2010.12.09 16:10 CeleronS14

Looks like market is changing, top end is failing :D

yeah, you're right. Every Ea from top 10 seems to have troubles (maybe exept forez, who entered hibernation to survive this period. Finish may be very interesting.
2010.12.10 13:42 ttauzo8