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The 10th Week of the Championship: A Give-Away Game


Everything has gone mixed up in the Championship table on the tenth week. Virtually no one could hold positions taken a week ago. The only thing that has remained unchanged is the balance of power in the top three. As before, the leader is the Expert Advisor of Boris Odintsov, which is followed by another Russian EA Buter and the Expert Advisor of the French participants forez. However, only the latter one managed to earn during the week - for the two candidates struggling for the very top the past week was "black."

The leader of the competition once again had a suicide series of seven consecutive losing trades that lost him $36,750. However, thanks to two successful trades, the EA's equity fell only by $14,000 was equal to $90,000 by the end of the week. The results of his main rival were not much better - all three transactions made by Buter during the reporting week, were unsuccessful and reduced his balance by $9,800. Well, the struggle between these Expert Advisors during the last week resembled a game of give-away - very exciting, of course, but under the "Catch me if you can" slogan. 

So on the 10th week the degree of tension in the bobsley vs Buter struggle was extremely high. It is the tenth trading week when Buter finally could "catch" his rival and take the first line of the Championship - it happened on December 8. However, the above mentioned losing deals of this Expert Advisor wouldn't let him stay on top. Will he again overtake the leading EA? The answer to this is to come soon, because very little time is left till the end of the competition.

# Login Name Country Deals PF Balance Profit Equity
1 630049 bobsley Russian Federation  470 1.21 88 223.79 1 785.00 90 008.79
2 630054 Buter Russian Federation  83 2.35 69 468.54 0.00 69 468.54
3 630097 forez France  261 1.42 54 961.99 -138.50 54 823.49
4 630241 ShurikAn Russian Federation  263 1.27 46 742.85 -858.50 45 884.35
5 630272 ttauzo Poland  283 1.38 42 301.00 149.00 42 450.00
6 630282 Vigor Russian Federation  266 1.85 41 560.27 0.00 41 560.27
7 630036 avoitenko Ukraine  276 1.55 40 674.50 0.00 40 674.50
8 630165 Manov Bulgaria  1274 388.83 39 564.51 -588.36 38 976.15
9 630213 rho2010 United States  254 1.57 38 219.21 -1 476.50 36 742.71
10 630144 Kurl Japan  309 1.61 35 227.96 -798.80 34 429.16

For almost all participants of the previous top-10 the tenth trading week was unsuccessful. Most likely this is due to the fact that EUR/USD quotes were fluctuating in a wide range and without a clear trend. The top ten EAs trading this pair were probably not ready for this. This week was relatively successful only for forez and ShurikAn, whose equity increased by $1,000. In general, the total equity of all the Participants of the top ten fell by 19% during the 10th week. This is even lower than the value of the eighth trading week, when after disqualification of Belarusian participants were the equity fell by 13%. Also the threshold of entering the top 10, which grew up on the ninth week by $10,000, decreased during the reporting period from $40,173 to $34,429. Let's see what the market situation will be the next week, and how it will affect the behavior of the participating EAs. 

Two Participants left the top ten: bighope and Yedelkin who lost $14,000 and $17,000 respectively during the tenth week. The vacant places were taken by Expert Advisors who had already got featured on the leader board: a multicurrency EA Manov and U.S. robot rho2010. Manov earned $2,000 and appeared on the 8th position, while rho2010 received $3,300 and was on the 9th line by the end of the week. The results achieved allowed the newcomers to be back in top ten of the most profitable Expert Advisors of the Championship.

Only two weeks, i.e. 10 trading days are left till the end of the ATC 2010. So very soon we will know the names of the winners. And it's the most interesting time now - every mistake at this stage can be fatal and cost the prize. Will the rivals use their chance? Can the leaders hold their positions? Will any other robots join the near-final race? Soon, very soon we will get the answers to all these questions.

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