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News Automated Trading Championship 2010

Risk Management in Automated Trading

Risk management is an essential component of any trading system. Without it, it is virtually impossible to imagine profitable trading. In this article, experienced developers of automated trading systems share their tips on risk management with the participants of the Championship.

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24 August 2010
Interview with Leonid Velichkovsky: "The Biggest Myth about Neural Networks is Super-Profitability"

Leonid Velichkovski has already participated in the Automated Trading Championships. In 2008, his multicurrency neural network was like a bright flash in the sky, earning $110,000 in a certain moment, but eventually fell victim to its own aggressive money management. In this interview, Leonid talks about the most common myths and misconceptions associated with neural networks.

19 August 2010
How to Write an Expert Advisor and Not to Violate the Championship Rules

In this article we will show how to write an expert adviser and to avoid mistakes that may prevent you from participating in the upcoming Automated Trading Championship 2010

17 August 2010
Number of Pending Orders Increased: Now 12!

By popular request, Rules of the Automated Trading Championship 2010 have been revised. The organizers of the Championship have increased the allowed number of pending orders for all symbols at any moment in time from 3 to 12.

10 August 2010
The Role of Money Management in Automated Trading

The role of money management for successful trading is difficult to overestimate. It is a tool that can convert almost any strategy to a profitable one. While a weak money management may lead a trader to collapse. The participants of the past Automated Trading Championships told us about their money management strategies.

9 August 2010
Two Months of Registration

Two months have passed since the registration began. During this time, more than 750 people have submitted their applications for participation, some of them have sent their Expert Advisors. You have two more months to register and submit your Expert Advisor. When filling the registration form, please pay special attention to personal details.

2 August 2010
Interview with Nikolay Kositsin: multicurrency EA are less risky

Nikolay Kositsin has told us about his developments. He believes multicurrency Expert Advisors are a promising direction; and he is an experienced developer of such robots. At the championships, Nikolay participates only with multicurrency EAs. His Expert Advisor was the only multicurrency EA among the prize winners of all the ATC contests.

27 July 2010
The Complexity of Transition to MetaTrader 5

The new MetaTrader 5 has been released to replace MetaTrader 4. It has a powerful functionality, high performance and gives the developers of Expert Advisors wide possibilities for the automated trading. The article describes the difficulties that developers of Expert Advisors may face during the transition to the new platform.

23 July 2010
MetaTrader 5 - Everything for the Automated Trading!

The article contains a detailed review of all the components of the MQL5 development environment. The object-oriented approach in the MQL5 language, the support of the distributed optimization and portfolio testing in the Strategy Tester, the use of the same Expert Advisor on several financial markets, new services on MQL5.com, a debugger in MetaEditor - all these features are described in this material.

19 July 2010
The Evolution of Expert Advisors in 2006-2008

In anticipation of the new Championship, we decided to assess the dynamics of the evolution of Expert Advisors, based on the previous competitions. The objective of this research is to determine the development trend of the community of Expert Advisor writers, from a professional point of view. We have tried to trace the dynamics of the complexity and efficiency of Expert Advisors for the years of 2006-2008.

13 July 2010
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