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Dow Jones: Media Sponsor of Automated Trading Championship 2010

A leader in news and business information world-wide, Dow Jones & Company is newswires, Web sites, newspapers, newsletters, databases, magazines, radio and television. Our publications inform the discussions and decisions of the world while our databases make the business world more transparent. We develop technology to transform information into insight. From 58 countries and in a dozen languages, we inspire audiences with authoritative, differentiated and trusted content. One of the key segments of Dow Jones business is Algorithmic and Quantitative Trading. Dow Jones has developed a number of solutions for Institutional Sales&Trading segment, such as Dow Jones News & Archives for Algorithmic Applications, Dow Jones Lexicon, Dow Jones Financial Wire, FX specific products etc.

Dow Jones & Co.

Dow Jones’s innovative solutions power the intelligence of your computer-based trading systems with the precision of our editorial news. Dow Jones offers actionable, computer-readable news at market-moving speeds, deep archives, flexible feeds and applications, and partnerships that ensure our news and data are available on your preferred platforms. Dow Jones News & Archives for Algorithmic Applications is the first product to enable the development of trading models that combine archival news and pricing data with real-time news and information. It can be used to create algorithms for a range of applications such as risk management, arbitrage, and pre-trade and post-trade analysis. The historical news and data available through Dow Jones News & Archives for Algorithmic Applications is organized with the same content and metadata fields as the information user gets in realtime feeds from Dow Jones Newswires, so he can easily map breaking news to archival data on a 24/7 basis.

Dow Jones & Co.

The Dow Jones archive includes:

  • 30+ year archive of Dow Jones data files going back to January 1986
  • Market-moving news sources: Dow Jones Newswires – Providing coverage of all asset classes, reported from around the globe
  • The Wall Street Journal – Select content from U.S., Europe and Asia editions
  • Barron’s – Select stories and features
  • Metadata with date, time, headline, full story, company ticker symbol, and Dow Jones category codes
  • News feed to maintain archives and support algorithmic trading

Dow Jones & Co.
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