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The Winners of the Automated Trading Championship 2011


The Automated Trading Championship 2011 is over, and the winners have been announced. The authors of the top three Expert Advisors of 2011 have shared the prize money and received gifts, as well as the winner of MIG Bank's special prize has been defined. The best developers of Expert Advisors have shared their impressions of the Championship.

The first place of the Automated Trading Championship 2011 went to Igor Korepin from Russia. His trading robot made only eleven trades, and finished the competition with a balance of $113,115. Igor won the award for "The first place in the Automated Trading Championship 2011" and $40,000 from MIG Bank.

The winner of the Automated Trading Championship 2011 Igor Korepin

The 2011 Championship is a memorable event for participants and spectators, and, of course, for me too. This is not the first time I participate in the competition, and I came to the conclusion that for a decent result you do not need to have a complex strategy. Proof of this is my Expert Advisor. Hopefully, the next Championship will welcome even more EA developers, including those who did not dare to try or did not believe in their luck. Everything is possible here! I also hope to see more interesting multicurrency strategies with great potential, such as that of ias. His EA was a little unlucky, and the trending nature of the market wouldn't let him have better results.

I especially want to thank MetaQuotes Software Corp. for the organization of the Championship, which was held at a high level, as usual, and for their terminal and the powerful programming language MQL5. I also want to thank the sponsors of the Championship and everyone who supported me in this competition. It was very interesting to read your comments and feel the support from both friends and unknown people. I wish you good luck, success and the favorable trend in the new year!


The winner of second prize is a participant from Germany Tim Fass. We congratulate him on his excellent debut. Tim received the award for "The second place in the Automated Trading Championship 2011" and $25,000 from GO Markets.

The winner of the Second Prize of the Automated Trading Championship 2011 Tim Fass

First of all, I want to thank the MetaQuotes team, who organized the Automated Trading Championship 2011, and, of course, all the sponsors, who made it possible. Since I am new in the world of automated Forex trading, I'd never expected to reach the second place in this Championship.

Even though I have to admit that I am proud of the stability of my program, luck was never a negligible factor and I was nervous till the very last moment about how my robot would trade. This second place opened me a door I hadn't expected. Now I am waiting what the year 2012 will bring to me and how the entire world will change. I would like to thank all for the great resonance I got for my Expert Advisor, and I am thankful for the interest in its commercial version.

I am looking forward to compete in the Automated Trading Championship 2012, because I am still full of ideas of how to improve my program and keep trying totally different strategies.


The third prize went to the EA developer from China Ge Senlin. His Expert Advisor was lucky to win the third prize in a dramatic struggle on the last days of the competition. Ge Senlin received the award for "The third place in the Automated Trading Championship 2011" and $15,000 from Vantage FX.

The winner of the Third Prize of the Automated Trading Championship 2011 Ge SenlinThe Automated Trading Championship 2011 is over. I was very lucky to win the third prize. First of all, I would like to thank the organizers and sponsors of the Automated Trading Championship 2011, because they provide a great competition opportunity for all enthusiasts of automatic trading. I also congratulate the first and second prize winners - Igor Korepin and Tim Fass.

During the whole championship, I paid much attention to the successful participants, the features of their EAs and trading strategies they used. Of course, I also watched how my EA was running. In this Championship, I've learned a lot from good participants with good strategies. And this experience is very valuable for every automated trader.

I think I managed to become the third winner not only because I had programming skills and a good trading strategy, but also because the market was favorable to me, since market trend is unpredictable. From my part, I carefully read the Championship rules, simplified my Expert Advisor, tried to avoid algorithmic errors and increased the risks in a proper range to win more profits.

Finally, I am grateful to MetaQuotes Software Corp. for this excellent event. I hope more and more brokers will support the MetaTrader 5 trading platform, because it is a really powerful system for testing and use of multicurrency trading strategies. Thank you for your support!

I wish every participant good luck in the new year. See you again in the Automated Trading Championship 2012!


MIG Bank's special prize went to Aliaksandr Arashkevich from Belarus. His Expert Advisor was chosen as the most profitable and reliable one. Alexander will receive a 3-day VIP trip to one of Formula 1 races of the 2012 season from our Major Sponsor.

The winner of MIG Bank's special prize Aliaksandr Arashkevich

The fifth Automated Trading Championship 2011 is over. My congratulations and gratitude to the organizers of the championship, MetaQuotes Software Corp., and its sponsors - GO Markets, Vantage FX, Forex-TSD.com, and special thanks and gratitude to the Major Sponsor - MIG Bank.

Congratulations to Igor Korepin (Xupypr), Tim Fass (Tim) and Ge Senlin (yyy999) on their deserved win and cash prizes. I am very glad that my trading robot has won an additional prize as "the most profitable and reliable Expert Advisor" and received a special award from MIG Bank. I participated for the fourth time, but this was the first time I achieved such an excellent result. Pity I was unable to get into the top ten. The increased number of the Championship participants after the last-year debut of MQL5 shows that the platform is developing successfully, attracting more attention of traders around the world.

I have no doubt that the next Championship, thanks to the MetaQuotes Software Corp. and sponsors, will be held on the same high level.


Once again we would like to thank our Sponsors - MIG Bank, GO Markets, Vantage FX and Forex-TSD - for their help in organizing the Automated Trading Championship 2011.

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Interview with Alexander Arashkevich (AAA777)Interview with Alexander Arashkevich (AAA777)

The Championship fervour has finally subsided and we can take a breath and start rethinking its results again. And we have another winner Alexander Arashkevich (AAA777) from Belarus, who has won a special prize from the major sponsor of the Automated Trading Championship 2011 - a 3 day trip to one of the Formula One races of the 2012 season. We could not miss the opportunity to talk with him.

Automated Trading Championship 2012 - the New Battle of Trading Robots Awaits Us!

Automated Trading Championship 2012 - the New Battle of Trading Robots Awaits Us!

"What about the next one?" That is the question everyone asks each time after yet another championship is over. We are happy to announce that the Automated Trading Championship will surely take place this year. Registration of the participants will begin from June 4, while the Championship will start on October 1.

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