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Automated Trading Championship 2012 Widgets on Your Website

You may not only participate in the Automated Trading Championship 2012, but also arrange a support group and be the Championship Internet promoter. We have developed special widgets, which can be easily built into your website or blog.

Widgets are designed to display the current information about the Automated Trading Championship. Their contents is updated automatically. You only need to add their HTML codes to your page in a social network or website once. Each widget has customizable color scheme. Therefore, you can select the version that suits you best.

To get an widget code, do the following:

  1. select the necessary widget,
  2. set the language, skin and size for getting the HTML-code,
  3. insert the obtained HTML-code to your website.

Get "Automated Trading Championship 2012 News" Widget

Various news are published on the official Championship website during the competition. At the registration stage the news reveal how to become the Automated Trading Championship 2012participant, fill in your personal data correctly and pass trading robots automatic tests successfully.

When the Championship starts, the news switch to weekly reports, interviews with participants, Jury sessions reports and other useful information. "Automated Trading Championship 2012 News" widget will be your additional channel for informing visitors on the Championship latest events.

Add "Automated Trading Championship 2012 News" informer to your web page to provide media support for the Championship!

Get "TOP Automated Trading Championship 2012 Participants" Widget

The current TOP-10 participants are always displayed on the main Championship web page during the competition. This widget displays top Championship participants with brief statistics on your website. The leaders are changing constantly and this widget allows to keep abreast.

You can customize the number of displayed participants, block width and color scheme. Add "TOP Automated Trading Championship 2012 Participants" widget and get your own mini page of the Championship!


Get "My Expert Advisor on the Automated Trading Championship 2012" Widget

If you are the Championship Participant, this widget will show your current position together with brief trading statistics. Place the widget on your web page and let your visitors know about your Championship achievements.

If you are not among the Championship Participants for some reason, that is not a problem at all! You can easily select any other competition participant, whose results you want to display. This widget can be easily customized to suit your website style like the previous ones.

Install "My Expert Advisor on the Automated Trading Championship 2012" to provide additional recognition to any selected Championship Participant!

If you have any questions regarding the widgets, please contact us via Service Desk from your www.mql5.com website profile