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The Automated Trading Championship 2012 Is Over!

Published by: MetaQuotes Software Corp. Created: 29 December 2012  Print version
Statistical Report #2Statistical Report #2

The last hours of the Automated Trading Championship 2012 are coming to an end. Soon, we will find out who will share the prize fund of $80 000. In the meanwhile, let's recall the first two months of the competition and make analysis in our traditional Statistical Report #2.

Interview with Alexey Masterov (reinhard)

Interview with Alexey Masterov (reinhard)

We do our best to introduce all the leading Championship Participants to our audience in reasonable time. To achieve that, we closely monitor the most promising contestants in our TOP-10 and arrange interviews with them. However, the sharp rise of Alexey Masterov (reinhard) up to the third place has become a real surprise!

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