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News Automated Trading Championship 2012

Championship's Eleventh Week Minutes

Automated Trading Championship 2012 is coming to an end, and we present you some statistical data on the eleventh week in our Championship Minutes! The main event of the week is "restart" at GBPJPY. On the contrary, USDJPY still shows signs of "stagnation".

19 December 2012
Forecasts from Roman Zamozhnyy (Rich) or Tales from the Crypt 3

Only two weeks have left before the end of the Championship. It's time to evaluate the accuracy of the previous forecast again and try to predict the course of events this week. It may seem surprising, but Eureqa's forecast has turned out to be considerably worse than Excel's one.

18 December 2012
Interview with Mariusz Zarnowski (zrn)

As December 28 is approaching, the list of leaders of the Automated Trading Championship 2012 is becoming clearer. With only two weeks to go until the end of the Championship, Mariusz Zarnowski (zrn) from Poland stands a good chance to be in the top three. His EA has already demonstrated how it can triple the initial deposit in just a couple of weeks.

18 December 2012
Eleventh Week - Switching to Ground Fighting

Our experience shows that the potential members of TOP-3 can be more easily predicted when the competition is already coming to its end. But not this time! The roller coaster arranged by EURUSD during the competition is constantly keeping our current leading Participants on their toes.

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17 December 2012
Interview with Evgeny Gnidko (FIFO)

The Expert Advisor of Evgeny Gnidko (FIFO) currently seems to be the most stable one at the Automated Trading Championship 2012. This trading robot entered TOP-10 at the third week remaining one of the leading Expert Advisors ever since.

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14 December 2012
Interview with Sergey Abramov (26405)

The trading robot of Sergey Abramov (26405) is staying in TOP-10 since the second week. However, it caused much anxiety for its developer. As it turned out, the robot contains a small error in position close block. The robot has been developed almost exclusively on the basis of the past years' results.

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13 December 2012
Championship's Tenth Week Minutes

We would like to present you the report for the tenth week of the Automated Trading Championship 2012. Although EURUSD was a loss-making pair within the whole week, the total floating profit of newly opened positions at this pair has finally exceeded the floating losses! Find more on that, as well as on some other topics in the present report.

12 December 2012
TOP-10 Forecast from Roman Zamozhnyy (Rich) as of December 9

A few days ago, we tried to look into the future of TOP-10 Expert Advisors using Microsoft Excel as a time machine. In subsequent discussion, I had to admit that it was not the best solution for "searching the correlations". Now, I decided to use the more professional time machine - Eureqa application.

11 December 2012
Tenth Week - Who Is The Leader?

By the end of the Automated Trading Championship 2012 tenth week the situation is such that it is difficult to clearly identify the leader. JPAlonso's EA is still yet on the first place, but the gap continues to shrink at the alarming rate.

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10 December 2012
Interview with Alexandr Artapov (artall)

It was during the second week of the Championship when the Expert Advisor of Alexandr Artapov (artall) found itself on the third position trading EURUSD and EURJPY. Then it briefly left TOP-10 to appear again after one month of struggle for survival. As it turned out, this trading robot is still having something up its sleeve.

7 December 2012
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