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News Automated Trading Championship 2012

Another Month of Registration

Two months of registration for the Automated Trading Championship 2012 have passed and we already can examine some preliminary results. The uptrend of the total applicants number remains in force already exceeding 1600 and we cannot yet determine the possible resistance level. This year's results have beaten the record of ATC 2008 notable for its large amount of registrations.

6 August 2012
Fill Your Private Data Correctly

Today we want to talk about how the Championship participants are filling out their data. This seemingly easy step for some reason often causes difficulties. While checking the participants profiles, we have gained some statistics of typical errors and inaccuracies, which do not allow to complete the registration. Some exceptions to the rules for representatives of some countries will also be of interest.

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3 August 2012
How to Fix Errors in Trading Robots

Some applicants think that automatic tests of Expert Advisors are a mere formality, which is not really important for the Championship. They ignore the fact that such tests are objective and valuable experience for automated trading system developers. Here we present an overview of the most common errors revealed during the tests, as well as tips to fix them.

30 July 2012
Automatic Tests or How to Get to the Championship Starting Line

Each trading robot submitted to the Automated Trading Championship 2012 should undergo a series of the automatic tests. They allow to sort out MQL5 codes that just get compiled from the actually well thought-out trading robots. We will take a close look at the automatic tests, the most typical errors and the ways to avoid them.

23 July 2012
Trading Rules of the Automated Trading Championship 2012

Any competition consists of the rules mandatory for all its participants. A special group of accounts will be allocated on the trade server for the Championship. These accounts will operate under the definite trading conditions. Each ATC 2012 participant should know that conditions well. In this article you will learn how to prepare an Expert Advisor, so that it matches the Championship trading conditions.

16 July 2012
How to Submit an Expert Advisor to the Championship

More than a month has passed since the start of the registration for the Automated Trading Championship 2012, and we already have about 1000 applicants. This figure significantly exceeds the last year one, as we got about 700 applicants for the first month in 2011. In this article we will deal with submitting Expert Advisor files to the Championship.

9 July 2012
Preparing for the Championship and Arrangement Specifics

Automatic tests of the Expert Advisors submitted by prospective Participants of the Automated Trading Championship 2012 will start soon. It is about time to tell you how to prepare for the Championship and how it will be held in details. We believe that virtually anyone who reads this article will not miss this exciting event.

2 July 2012
How to Participate in the Automated Trading Championship 2012

Automated Trading Championship 2012 is an exciting event for all keen on the automated trading. All Applicants are warmly welcome. Unfortunately, we often see that many Expert Advisor developers fail to complete all necessary preparations for some reason. But being an Applicant does not mean being a Participant! For your convenience, we have prepared step by step instructions on how to successfully register and fill in your personal data to join the Automated Trading Championship 2012.

25 June 2012
The Automated Trading Championship 2012 in Brief

The autumn is coming and the new battle of trading robots is near at hand already. That is the sixth Automated Trading Championship and many of you are already familiar with it. But this time we expect that the ranks of participants will be considerably replenished by the newcomers ready to show their skills in programming of trading strategies. The popularity of MetaTrader 5 and MQL5 is growing steadily and MQL5.community gradually turns into a huge social network of thousands of traders around the world.

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19 June 2012
Choose Your Widget

Blogging is extremely popular now, and even presidents have their blogs. Many traders use blogs or web pages to advertise themselves, describing their trading strategies, indicators, achievements, etc. We know that to attract the maximum number of visitors to your web site you need to publish as many interesting and useful materials as possible. We have created a very simple way to add even more interesting information to your blog or web page.

14 June 2012
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